Summer heats up in Niagara's Twenty Valley

Posted Jul 27th, 2016 in Events, Articles

Summer heats up in Niagara's Twenty Valley As the summer heat soars over 30 degrees in the Twenty Valley, there’s no need to stay hidden in the house with your face pressed against the window AC unit anymore – beat the heat outdoors! Forget the woes of the brown lawn and burning hot leather seat in your car, here are 10 ways to stay cool (and sane) outside this summer – and save on your hydro bill as well.

1. Visit Charles Daley Park 

Who says you need an elaborate itinerary to pass the summer days? Bring a book, a picnic, a beach towel - relax! Charles Daley park rolls with green grass and large trees to stretch out under, along with two beach sandbars. Grab your sunscreen, turn your phone off, and don’t forget to bring your furbaby – this park is dog friendly!

 Charles Daley Park

2. Take A Wine Tour

Have you experienced one of Niagara’s best features? Wine! You’ve tried it at home, you’ve bought it from the liquor store, but it’s time to explore the wines grown in your backyard. From red to white, sparkling, sweet, or dry, there’s a wine for everyone. Did you know there are over 90 wineries in the Niagara region – over 35 here in the Twenty Valley. I dare you to put down your ritual glass of house white and try something new (editor’s pick: the Musqué Spritz from Malivoire Winery, a personal favourite.) Hire a driver, chill on the patio, and sip a cool beverage.

3. Visit a Splash Pad

Looking for a way to stay cool and distract the kids for a few hours? Visit the local Splash Pad or community pool! Lay back on a chair and relax as the kiddos splash around – although, we won’t judge if you decide to run through a waterfall or two either.

4. SHOP!!

We know, we know, you don’t need an excuse for this one, but staying out of this heat just gives you another reason to splurge! Head down to Jordan Village and wander through the one-of-a-kind shops. Clothing boutiques, jewellers, gift shops, it’s easy to lose track of time in the Village. Make sure to treat yourself to an ice-cream cone from Toute Sweet on the way home! 

5. Dine

If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen! Instead of running your stove, give your kitchen (and you) a break, and head over to the Jordan House Tavern. Local beer on tap, VQA wines, and don’t forget about their delicious classic “Basket O Sweet Fries.” Indulge in the comforts - from perfectly battered fish and chips to mac and cheese – or the more adventurous dishes like P.E.I. Mussels and the Lamb Curry Burger.

6. Camp Out

Taking a vacation doesn’t always have to be a huge time or financial commitment- Spend your vacay right here, at the Jordan Valley Campground. Ditch the hot house all together and pitch a tent, canoe, fish, swim, and let the kids let loose in the campsite games room. At the end of the night light up the fire pit and make a toast to the simple life.

7. Pick Your Own Fruit

Peaches that make Georgia jealous.. Twenty Valley is home to some of the most delicious, local fruit. Drop that grocery store bag and get your fruit fresh right out of your neighborhood. Visit Cherry Lane farms  or Peach Country and stock up on apricots, plums, peaches, cherries and more. What should we bake fresh today –Peach Pie? Crumble? Blueberry Torte? Hmm…

 8. Visit Ball's Falls

A conservation area with a rich history! Begin the day in the (air conditioned) Balls Falls Centre for Conservation, with interactive exhibits, galleries, and history lessons. Once you’re an expert, browse around the historic buildings – including a church and mill built in the 1800’s- and create your own adventure. Feeling athletic? Jump on one of the trails and hike down to get a good view of the upper or lower falls. Once you get there, don’t forget to soak in the moment of one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences in Twenty Valley. Nature calls!

9. Golf

FORE! Grab your shades and head out to the Rockway Golf course. For the polished golfer, or the rookie, its hard to pass up a warm sunny day on the green. Take a lesson from a pro, or tee off at your own pace. (Bonus: Rockway Vineyards is also home to a winery and a restaurant. Wine, dine, and golf? Today just got better.) 

10. Hike

Explore the escarpment and give your FitBit a run for its money. Canada’s oldest and longest stretching trail begins in Niagara, and extends all the way into Tobermory, that’s almost 900km of trail. Wrapping around creeks, waterfalls, and peak-point views, the Bruce Trail provides countless amazing sights, and great shade for those hot days. Take a leisurely adventure, or make it a challenge and compete to earn a badge.


Summer is here with a vengeance, and seems to be here for the long haul. Stay cool with these summer tips, and explore the Twenty Valley. 

For more information on where to eat, play, shop, or stay, visit us on the Twenty Valley website.

Contributed by: Kandesa Burns


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