Lincoln Public Library

Address: 5020 Serena Dr., Beamsville | 4020 John Charles Blvd. Vineland
Phone: 905-563-7014 (Beamsville) | 905-562-5711 (Vineland)

Lincoln Public Library

Lincoln Public Library

The Lincoln Public Library supports and enriches our community by offering programs, services and materials for the life-long learning pursuits of culture, recreation, education, information technology and social connections.


Wheelchair Accessible, Family Friendly

Business Hours

Monday - Thursday:
9-8 Fleming Library (Beamsville)
10-8 Moses F. Rittenhouse Library (Vineland)

9-5 Fleming Library (Beamsville)
1-5 Moses F. Rittenhouse Library (Vineland)

10-5 Fleming Library (Beamsville)
10-5 Moses F. Rittenhouse Library (Vineland)

1-5 Fleming Library (Beamsville) (Mid September - First week of April)

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