Niagara Wineries – why Twenty Valley's wine region is worth the visit

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Our regional (VQA) appellations, Niagara Escarpment and Niagara Peninsula, and our sub appellations – Beamsville Bench, Short Hills Bench, Twenty Mile Bench, Lincoln Lakeshore and Creek Shores – produce Ontario wines recognized and celebrated across Canada and the world. 

Our tastes are born from our location: The mighty Niagara Escarpment at our back. Magnificent Lake Ontario at our front. Between, soil churned and made complex by grinding glaciers eons ago.

And a little magic called the Lake Effect – constantly circulating breezes between the Lake and the Escarpment that moderate temperatures. The Lake Effect slows down Spring warming. Prevents cold air from settling in the Fall, extending our growing season. And warms us up in the dead of Winter.

This unique combination of earth and climate are what make Niagara's Twenty Valley an unordinary place to grow fruit and craft wines, luring artisans dedicated to creating their own vision of perfection in a glass. 

Niagara's Twenty Valley's artisanal passion spills over into Craft Beverages

Expanding into Craft Beverages is a natural extension of our desire to create small-batch premium beverages. Niagara's Twenty Valley is currently home to 3 Niagara distilleries, making rye, gin, vodka and fruit-based spirits, Ontario craft breweries and ciders have also joined the Twenty Valley family. All here to take advantage of the rich bounty and flavours of Niagara's Twenty Valley and the camaraderie of fellow pioneers.

Responsible Drinking

Responsible drinking is part of the Twenty Valley experience. Please don’t drink and drive. If you have enjoyed yourself more than you intended please call a friend or YOUR Designated Driver.

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