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Twenty Valley Winter WineFest showcases over twenty premium food and craft beverage producers from the region for an authentic winter experience. The outdoor European-styled market highlights the beauty of the season and the charm of Jordan Village with warm cozy fire pits and 'Fire Cone' art installations from artist local Floyd Elzinga. In addition to seasonal celebrations is our healthy competitions as Wine Celebrity Kevin Brauch hosts and judges the Chef Challenge Saturday afternoon, offering guests the opportunity to meet them in person. Further to our Chef Challenge, our local wine, and craft beverage makers square off at the annual Barrel Competition.  Finally, guests have the opportunity to take home the Icewine Cup in the Icepuck shootout! Learn more about these competitions below!

The Chef Challenge...

We are excited to announce the Community Care of West Niagara’s Chef Black Box Challenge. We have teamed up with some amazing local food and beverage sponsors for a box of local ingredients (names to be announced soon, we can’t give away the ingredients just yet!)

6 chefs will compete to make small bites of their choosing using the 6 local ingredients, delivered to their restaurant just days prior to the challenge. These small bites will be judged by ticket holders and our judges. This event will take place in the Warming Tent on Saturday, January 11th from 5-6pm.


Roll out the Barrels...

Our wine and craft makers are amongst the fiercest competitors in the world, how do we know this? Well, each competitor not only battles to be the fastest contender but prides themselves on holding the coveted golden blunnies (shown below) until the next Winter Winefest! That barrel must flip end over end from one end of the course to the other in order to win the race! Come cheer on your favourite competitor, and see if they can take home the blunnies from the 2019's champion Dan Stouck from Malivoire!

The Puck Shoot Out

Icewine and Hockey - how much more Canadian can we get? This event is open the anyone who wants to take on the Grimsby Peach Kings for the pristine Icewine Cup! Sign up by 3 PM the day of the event, that's Sunday, January 12th, and put your stick handling to the test! The challenge...get the Icewine Pucks in ALL FIVE POCKETS and you take home the cup! 

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